My thoughts on SOPA/PIPA

I sent this to both Senators Cardin and Mikulski. I want to be very clear about this...if SOPA/PIPA is passed. Not only will I NOT vote for you in the next election (I may have voted for you in previous elections but since I'm posting this in quite a few public forums I reserve my [...]

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Tasering that kid at the Phillies game was wrong

Or as I like to say "I did not order a taser with my Philly Cheese Steak." My wife and I agree on a great deal of things in this world. We usually agree that if you do something stupid, you deserve to suffer the consequences. But last night, Mrs. Goofy and I had to [...]

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Yes, of course I want Streaming Netflix for my iPhone

The big news today via Hacking NetFlix and Mashable is a survey that has been showing up for NetFlix account holders asking if they'd like to have NetFlix streamed to their phones. Hmmm... YES. DO IT. RIGHT NOW. DO IT RIGHT NOW. Really, that about sums it up for me. If I could literally drive [...]

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