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Facebook is dominating social networks right now. I wonder where they’ll be in five years. Google or AOL? I’m leaning more towards Google, and maybe they’ll actually be a part of Google as they figure out how to actually make money. Why? Here’s an article from CNN detailing how older demographics are joining Facebook. There are quite a few stories out there on this topic. What it really shows is that it is getting harder and harder to ignore the social web and not admit that it has entered mainstream society.

Ah, but Facebook is really just for people and won’t help me brand my company you say? Well, think again. Here’s a link to a write up from Mashable (which you really should be reading on your own) about a new section on Facebook that lists how companies are now using Facebook to brand themselves. Why should you care. The list includes some case studies. The recent Facebook redesign, while inciting individuals, actually has businesses excited. Here’s a direct link to the Facebook page.

And if you’re wondering what the heck is social media? Well then, you must live in the county and hope that I’m saying something about Calvert. If not, then here’s a nice video from our friends at Common Craft explaining social media. Spend some time on their YouTube channel because they cover a variety of topics.

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Besides Facebook, the other social media platform grabbing all the headlines right now is, of course, twitter. Again twitter is not just for individuals. Here’s a decent list of associations on twitter. If you’re wondering who else is on twitter, or how to find them, here’s a list of 15 social media discovery tools that includes twitter tools to find out.

And since everyone loves lists, well here’s a list of lists. 600+ Lists On Anything You Can Think Of. Try reading that one. What lists are missing on that one?

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