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Goofy Wildcat Design is a small communications firm with big ideas. Really, only one big idea. We provide the best possible service to our clients. We are dedicated to guiding you through the complex obstacles that any successful project must overcome. Put simply, GWD provides solutions to your creative challenges.

GWD prides itself on outstanding service, fast turn around, meeting tight deadlines and providing design excellence at a great value. We won’t waste your time or money, we care about your company and your programs. We are competent, dependable and well organized. Solving your challenges is our primary focus.

What’s with the Name? Business is hard work, and we’re all about business, but we’re also a creative organization. We enjoy what we do and one of our hopes is that you’ll enjoy working with us. Our name, Goofy Wildcat Design, symbolizes the positive energy and enjoyment we put into all of our projects.

What Can GWD Do for Me? Goofy Wildcat Design is equally comfortable in both the web and print worlds. This is especially important in today’s culture where so many materials need to be available in both web and print format. We can redesign your entire web site or simply tweak different parts of it, adding components to make your site more user-friendly and attractive. We can plan your entire marketing campaign for your annual conference or membership drive, or totally redesign your organizational identity and develop a style guide that gives people the necessary information to ensure your branding works. We’ve done these things before and we’re very good at them.

What Are Your Specialty Markets? We have a wide array of experiences with clients in the non-profit, government, education, corrections, workforce development, computer science, and rental equipment industry markets. Goofy Wildcat Design has spent years working with clients in these markets and is very familiar with them, and the issues that go along with them.