Antivirus is still important

I occasionally read articles talking about the declining importance of antivirus. I disagree totally.  Here's a great write-up from the Download Squad on some free antivirus programs. I consider myself a more advanced user of the web and of computers. And the biggest, nastiest, sweatiest moments of my computer experience have generally centered around some [...]

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Social media saves lives…literally…and I am not going to speak of the Facebook TOS debacle

Will...not...speak...of...Facebook. Forget it, I've got to say something. If you just came out of your cave, you've missed the whole Facebook Terms of Service update and revert debacle. Here's the timeline to get you up to speed: Consumerist notes the change to the Facebook TOS. Here's the Mashable version, it's a little shorter. Everybody freaks [...]

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Marketing on the social web is not the point

I'm always looking for stats on users and social media. One of the few things most people seem to be able to understand is numbers. If I'm talking about the value of conversation, listening, participating, etc. their eyes glaze over. But if I say well Facebook has 150 million users, that they seem to get [...]

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Super Bowl commercials

The one game a year that my wife and kids don't miss is of course the Super Bowl. The fellas watch it for the football but my wife, of course, loves the commercials. My favorites this year were the Clydesdales (I always like those) and the baby traders. How about you? Here's a link to [...]

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