Gearing up for Halloween

2008 · Filed Under Calvert 

So, we’ve been out buying our candy for trick-or-treaters. Are you ready? if you’re not, go grab your candy and here’s some links to things that might help you get in the mood.

Here’s a link to a great video showing some cool pumpkin-carving techniques.

Is Fake Blood your thing? Well, here’s a link to Wired with a good recipe. Stay with the non-toxic version please.

Wanna spruce up your computer with some cool wallpapers for the season. Here ya go.

Did anyone go to the North Beach Haunted Boardwalk event? How was it? The Marine Museum still has some stuff going on this week. A haunted cruise and a haunted light house tour.

Good times…or scary times.

boo Gearing up for Halloween


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