Twitter updates for 2015-01-11

"WordPress › Duplicate and Merge Posts « WordPress Plugins" ->

Five Best Password Managers #tech #feedly ->

"45+ Free PSD Digital Devices Mockups To Present Your UI Designs –" ->

"23 Cookie Dough Desserts That Went Above And Beyond" ->

"'Silk Road Reloaded' Just Launched on a Network More Secret than Tor | Motherboard" […]

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Twitter updates for 2015-01-10

"75+ Best Page Reddit WordPress Plugins" ->

"Top Notch and Must Use WordPress Plugins ~ Tips and Tricks" ->

"PGP Tutorial" ->

"19 Camping Hacks That Are Actually Life-Saving Gems" ->

"The most amazing aerial photos of New York ever taken, period" ->

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Twitter updates for 2015-01-09

15 captivating stats from around the digital world #design #feedly ->

prakhar1989/awesome-courses · GitHub ->

Inside CryptoWall 2.0: Ransomware, professional edition | Ars Technica ->

19 Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines ->

Most Asus routers affected by hijack bug; exploit posted | ZDNet ->

10 Types of Bosses You Don't Want […]

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Twitter updates for 2015-01-08

Test Software with Virtual Machine Snapshots to Keep Your PC Clean ->

4 Basic A/B Testing Tips for Beginners ->

"42 must-have blogging tools for WordPress bloggers" ->

"Google offers security tips for staying safe online" ->

"This is the year to buy a new laptop" ->

"Got an Asus router? Someone on your network […]

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Twitter updates for 2015-01-07

10 WordPress Snippets For Theme Customizations ->

Why Mobile Payments Adoption Has Been Slow – And Why That’s About to Change | WIRED ->

TwitterDev code samples on GitHub | Twitter Blogs ->

World’s first (known) bootkit for OS X can permanently backdoor Macs ->

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