Twitter updates for 2015-10-07

Good work if you can get it: Federal workers making 78% more than private sector counterparts « Hot Air http://t.co/Jwg00AuPz6 ->

‘Red Oaks’ Review: Amazon’s 1985-Set Coming Of Age Comedy | Deadline http://t.co/VIX3cy7Zti ->

"Here's the Recipe for Drunk UConn Kid's "Fucking Bacon Jalapeño Mac n Cheese"" http://t.co/BuREow7YLk ->

"The 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books […]

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Twitter updates for 2015-10-06

Create a Mobile Application Using WordPress, Ionic, and AngularJS – Tuts Code Tutorial http://t.co/2Teih0WN1o ->

Download 15 Free Programming Books for Coders of All Levels http://t.co/M1ezH6zlgj ->

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Twitter updates for 2015-10-05

New Outlook mailserver attack steals massive number of passwords http://t.co/AUvg9vrVZi ->

"The 7 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks In 2015 • GoodWPThemes" https://t.co/e3bdtHzd1Q ->

"Play the entire Atari 2600 catalog on IPFS" https://t.co/fGUcULVsPP ->

"The High School Tech Teacher's Bag" http://t.co/dzR5GGkW56 ->

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Twitter updates for 2015-10-04

How to Create a Network of WordPress Multisite Networks – WPMU DEV http://t.co/nfCivu2tux ->

"Free Computer Science Engineering Course Online" https://t.co/vG8B1A3IRr ->

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Twitter updates for 2015-10-03

"How to reload an AK-47 with an injured arm." http://t.co/ArUGo0UPNG ->

"TIL a study conducted by American University found that the Toyota Camry (78.5%) and the Honda Accord (76%) http://t.co/KFyz1i32Bl ->

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