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I get a lot of email from friends asking me about where such and such is on the web. I’m usually pretty good at finding stuff through searches. Here’s a great cheatsheet if you want to get better at finding things on the web.

The other things I get asked a bunch is for stats on the social web. Well, you’re in luck.

266px facebooksvg 1 Searching and stats on the social web


A link from Mashable detailing the fastest growing social sites. No surprise here. Facebook rolls along.

Here’s one from O’Reilly detailing active Facebook users by country.

Here’s an article from the LA Times on how brands need to pay attention to Twitter. Of course, the domino’s debacle (love that word too icon smile Searching and stats on the social web is featured here.

Speaking of twitter, couple funny stories.

I’ve always been a fan of Hugh Jackman. I liked him early on in Someone Like You (yes, I know it’s a chic flick) and Wolverine is one of my favorite comics (the others being Silver Surfer, SpiderMan and Punisher of course). He seems like a good guy and giving $100K to charity via Twitter (@realhughjackman) won’t change my opinion.

Want a funny story. How about a convict being forced to tweet every ten minutes by a judge as a way of updating his parole officer of his whereabouts.

Finally, just because. Remember those skater kids you make fun of. Well, now those skater kids are getting their own curriculum icon smile Searching and stats on the social web

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