Gearing up for Halloween

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So, we’ve been out buying our candy for trick-or-treaters. Are you ready? if you’re not, go grab your candy and here’s some links to things that might help you get in the mood.

Here’s a link to a great video showing some cool pumpkin-carving techniques.

Is Fake Blood your thing? Well, here’s a link to Wired with a good recipe. Stay with the non-toxic version please.

Wanna spruce up your computer with some cool wallpapers for the season. Here ya go.

Did anyone go to the North Beach Haunted Boardwalk event? How was it? The Marine Museum still has some stuff going on this week. A haunted cruise and a haunted light house tour.

Good times…or scary times.

boo Gearing up for Halloween

Being portable

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portable apps logo Being portable

From time to time I need to work onsite at a clients office. This can be problematic to say the least. Not only because I have to eschew my traditional bunny slippers but because I have to leave my command center. Like most people that make their living using a computer, I have a certain setup that I like. All my tools are there and configured just how I like them so when I have to leave, I get a little grumpy about it. Portableapps helps soften the blow. What are portableapps you ask? Well, it’s basically software that turns your USB stick into an operating system that can run certain applications in a portable version. It’s great. Visit and you can download the software and then pick the applications you want to add. I have a two-gig stick that hangs around my neck that has a ton of documents I need as well as OpenOffice, Firefox, a bunch of useful utilities, and, of course, my Texas Holdem game. Good times. Check it out and let me know if it proves useful.

The Renaissance Festival

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We went to the renaissance festival this past weekend. Good times. They have a ton of activities there including plenty of stuff for the kids. Any place you can go and get multiple meats on sticks is ok by me (though the Turkey Leg is a big favorite in my family). Still, be prepared to be overwhelmed. There are a ton of people and activities there including jousting, sword swallowing, crafts, jugglers, performers, and more. Not to mention all the people that dress up in time period clothing and the shops where you can buy stuff. Hurry though because this is the last weekend until next fall.

Some more background from their web site. The Maryland Renaissance Festival is the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country. The Festival’s first season was a ramshackle village in 1977. That village is now the English Tudor village on 25 acres of woods and field that transport patrons to an era of chivalry, bawdiness, and good fun. There are more than 130 craft shops displaying many wares handmade by the village artisans. Forty-two food outlets provide a feast of foods rarely seen at other festivals. Each season, more than half a million beverages are served at the Festival’s eight soft drink stands, five beer stands, and five taverns.

081011renfest12 The Renaissance Festival

Finishing up your backup to prevent your data loss nightmare

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Ok, so now you have your external USB drive all reformatted and ready to go. Now all you have to do is copy your hard drive onto the new drive, right? NO, stop. Copying is great but want you want here is a backup. When you’re talking about an entire drive, copying will take a long time and you’ll probably run into a bunch of messages you’ll need to approve. Now, to each his own, but I don’t relish sitting in front of a omputer click “Yes” or “No” and watching the files copy.

What you want is a backup utility. There are quite a few to choose from but my backup utility of choice is Syncback. They have a few different versions so pick the right one for you. Based on just needing a basic backup, the freeware version works nicely for me. The freeware version is at the bottom of the download page. Download and install.

After you’ve installed Syncback go ahead and start up.

  • Start by going under profiles and selecting new.
  • Syncback will ask you what type of profile you want to make. Backup, Synchronisation or Group. The definitions are pretty self-explanatory. Here you want to choose backup.
  • Then it will ask you to name the profile. Give it a name so you’ll understand what you’re backing up.
  • After that you’ll need to select a source and destination. The source is what you want to copy and the destination is your new drive. You can do some customization here if you want but the standard options will give you a fine backup.
  • After you have your profile how you want it, click ok.
  • At this point you can click on your profile and either run it or do a simulated run the first time. Usually I’ll save this til the end of a day, click run and let it run overnite.
  • If you’re so inclined you can also schedule your backups.

There you have it. No one wants to come across a dead hard drive but if it does happen, at least now you’ll have a copy of your data.

syncback Finishing up your backup to prevent your data loss nightmare

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