Gearing up for Halloween

So, we've been out buying our candy for trick-or-treaters. Are you ready? if you're not, go grab your candy and here's some links to things that might help you get in the mood. Here's a link to a great video showing some cool pumpkin-carving techniques. Is Fake Blood your thing? Well, here's a link to [...]

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Being portable

From time to time I need to work onsite at a clients office. This can be problematic to say the least. Not only because I have to eschew my traditional bunny slippers but because I have to leave my command center. Like most people that make their living using a computer, I have a certain [...]

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The Renaissance Festival

We went to the renaissance festival this past weekend. Good times. They have a ton of activities there including plenty of stuff for the kids. Any place you can go and get multiple meats on sticks is ok by me (though the Turkey Leg is a big favorite in my family). Still, be prepared to [...]

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Finishing up your backup to prevent your data loss nightmare

Ok, so now you have your external USB drive all reformatted and ready to go. Now all you have to do is copy your hard drive onto the new drive, right? NO, stop. Copying is great but want you want here is a backup. When you're talking about an entire drive, copying will take a [...]

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